SHE Says...YES to Life.

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

SHE - who is SHE anyway? "That's not me" you might say! "I didn't say yes to ANYTHING yet!" Well, maybe - maybe not. But slow down - don't write me off.

You see, I am not talking about the 'squeaky-clean', 'afraid to risk', 'won't get her hands dirty' kinda woman. Why do you think God made fake nails anyway? He knew us female fight the good fight club gritty girls would be breakin' them all the time anyway!

At the same time, I am not talking about the self-centered, the Tik Tok Drama Mama, or the Bridezilla either. I am talking about the woman who has a mind and heart for genuinely good, gracious, unpretentious, and generous living - but is willing to FIGHT for that kinda living. Women who say yes to peace, and no to drama...yes to bringing heaven to earth, and no to creating hell on earth. Know what I mean?

Is this 'YES to Life' woman starting to sound maybe a little like you? If you're still holdin' out and that doesn't sound like you just yet, but it's at least it's who you ASPIRE to be on your better days, then hang with me.