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A selection of our favorite resources to help you flourish in your calling.

Ministering in times like these is hard to navigate. It's easy to rush growth, but growth is about more than blooming. Blooming provides moments of beauty. Flourishing exhibits slower growth and endurance of seasons. Because of that, we have chosen materials that represent a diversity of views to develop a mind for flourishing. Having said that, we have pared down a select set of choices from 5 of the more common content platforms:

• Book

• Music

• Video 

• Podcast

• The Written Word

Be refreshed. Renewed. And FLRSH.

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Hindi Christian Song | Hallelujah | New Life City Worship - India

Hindi Christian Song | Hallelujah | New Life City Worship - India

#HindiChristianSong HALLELUJAH is a HINDI CHRISTIAN WORSHIP SONG by NEW LIFE CITY WORSHIP INDIA. This is a song that teaches us to stay strong when you face difficulties because of the Promise of GOD that he will never leave you Nor forsake you. Our team is always excited and passionate about CHRIST JESUS and bringing out more HINDI WORSHIP SONGS and HINDI CHRISTIAN SONGS adding glory to Yeshua. Our new GOSPEL SONG | HALLELUJAH | is all about deliverance and our Lord JESUS CHRIST'S mercy and never-ending Love. New Life City Worship Team Makes Hindi Christian Worship Songs and This Worship Songs 2021 Season Ahead We'd Be Coming With More Powerful Christian Hindi Songs That Help People Get Closer To God. We would like to thank our Senior Pastors, Ps. Randeep Mathews and Ps. Anushree Mathews for building a strong foundation for our team. Song led by Arsh Mathews, Prathna Mathews and Samuel Raj @2020 New Life City Production. Chord Sheet: Subscribe to our Youtube channel : Stay Connected : FACEBOOK WORSHIP : FACEBOOK CHURCH : INSTAGRAM : Songs Also Available on: Spotify: ITunes: Google Play: FOR CONTACTS AND QUERIES : +91-9870957345 NEW LIFE CITY BAND : Lead vocal 1 : Arsh Mathews Lead vocal 2 : Prathna Mathews Lead vocal 3 : Samuel Raj Backing vocal 1 : Simon Daniel Backing vocal 2 : Gobind Babbar Lead Guitar : Gaurav Sharma Rhythm Guitar : Tanishq Bass Guitar : Sahil Masih Drums : Alik Singh Keys : Nishant Suman SONG CREDIT : Lyrics & Composed : Arsh Mathews & Prathna Mathews Music : Sahil Masih Lights & sound : Kirpal Gujjar Video Editor : Kevin R Singh Mixing & Mastering : Adamzrecords Drums Recorded : Ferris Wheel Studios Makeup : Showoff Makeovers LYRICS Verse 1 : Bojh se daba hua tha main Mushkilon se joojh tha hua Kuch bhi na ab lag raha ab asaan Chunautiyon se main ghira hua Aur waadiyan ye keh rahi mujhe Rakhwala tera ab hai kahan Maut ki in waadiyon mein se Bejhijak main chalta jaa rha Na chhorda hai na chhordega kabhi Ye waada tune mujhse hai kia In waadiyon se keh rha hu main Mere rakhwaale ne mujhko thaam lia Chorus: Hallelujah.... Bridge: Meri mushkil mein Meri chinta mein Yeshu tune meri Prathana suni Andhero mein laachari mein Is jeevan ko ek nayi disha mili Repeat: Na chhorda hai na.... Copyright © 2020 New Life City Worship India
Océans Hillsong en Français Cover


Break out of your own world with worship from around the globe. This is ONE United Church.


Have questions about your calling? Doubts as to whether or not it was legitimate? Beth Moore does a great job in addressing the rekindling of the gift God has placed within us - that of a holy calling that was given to us through Christ, before the beginning of time as we know it. No matter where you find yourself, allow Beth a few moments to deliver a word that renews.

Current conversations on issues we all face, to help you live life with real hope and fresh outcomes.


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Biblical Trust

Isn't Blind

with Tim Mackie & Jon Collins

of The Bible Project

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Pride and the

Human Heart

Jesus Culture Podcast

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Articles and posts from our friends in the field, to help you FLRSH in Ministry.


The Case for Women in Ministry

from Greg Boyd at Reknew

Rebuilding on Ruins

from Hannah Brencher

Producing in a Consumer World

from Caroline Beckman at Propel

Say As You Go: Discipleship Made Simple

from Bronwyn Lea

Biblical Criticism and Women in Ministry

from Kelly Edminston for Christianity Today


Join us in changing the lives of women just like you and we.

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