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A selection of our favorite resources to help you flourish at work.

Working in times like these, it is hard to maintain one's clarity and focus. Our entire workforce has been in upheaval and people are having to reinvent themselves in their careers, so we have carefully chosen a select set of resources from 5 of the more common content platforms to help you flourish at work:

• Book

• Music

• Video 

• Podcast

• The Written Word

We hope you find them personally and practically helpful as you seek to honor God in your work and a life that is FLRSH.




FLRSH at Work w/music proven to help you work with greater clarity and focus, day or night.



Megan Hyatt-Miller is COO of the Michael Hyatt Company. If you have not followed the company, their more recent success has been with the creation of the Full-Focus Planner. Megan talks about balancing life as a businesswoman and how to remain focused amidst the multiple demands of our lives.

Current conversations on issues we all face in the marketplace, to help you FLRSH at work!


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Pursue Your Dream (Job)

While Working Your 9-5

Jordan Lee Dooley

w/Shannon@Social Bungalow

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How a Life Plan Will Give You a Deep Sense of Meaning

On Business Made Simple

with Donald Miller

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Why Platforms Matter

Now More Than Ever

Dream Big w/Michael

and Megan Hyatt

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Screen Shot 2021-01-08 at 7.14.57 PM.png

Articles and posts from our friends in the field, to help FLRSH in the marketplace.



Join us in changing the lives of women just like you and we.