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This weekend my husband and I decided to take a drive to Rocky Mountain National Park here in Colorado.

After our morning coffee, we hopped in the car, picked up some sandwiches and we were off to explore this beautiful state.

We've lived here for only a year now, and we have had the opportunity to make the drive there a handful of times, but this time we wanted to be adventurous and take the scenic route, which we had never been on before.

And we were excited to get out and explore.

This route was beautiful!

It was filled with large green trees, mountains, gorgeous creeks, and perfect weather. As we made our way near the entrance to the park, we noticed a sign that said "Wild Basin, next left." (which is the name of the park entrance)

We followed the sign and entered the park. Well, at least we thought it was going to be a park. Instead, it landed us on a dirt road in the woods with no signs of life.

"Hmmm, that's kinda weird" we immediately thought.

But hey we were all in for adventure and the sign that led us to this path couldn't be wrong, right?

We both share the same sense of discovery and adventure, so we continued.

As we entered the park, we noticed there were no more signs that gave us any kind of direction, only a long dirt road filled with twists and turns. It also contained huge potholes which as we drove through them made us both jump like two kids in a bounce house.

This road was also extremely narrow and as we made our way in we didn't see a lot of traffic.

We kept driving through the forest and then suddenly a car showed up out of nowhere, a car and it was coming straight at us. Because the road was so narrow my husband pulled over on the grass in order for the car to pass through.

As we continued we could see a sharp turn ahead of us, and it was a little scary because the road was wrapped around a huge boulder so we couldn't see the other side of that huge rock. So now we had to really take it slow and as we approached that curve, a huge black Dodge Ram truck popped out driving like he was the only one traveling on this road. Once he saw us he immediately slowed down. That was defiantly a close call.

And as we approached the end of the road we quickly realized that it wasn't taking us anywhere, it looped us back around and placed us back on that same dirt road. So now we had to go down the same narrow road to get us back to the main road.

What a waste of time! There we were just making our way out of this forest that had no signs to direct us. After 30 minutes we were on the main paved road heading to Estes Park when suddenly we spotted a beautiful chapel.

The Chapel on the Rock

"The Chapel was first conceived in 1916 by Monsignor Joseph Bosetti, who happened to cross the rocky area where the church would later be built and was inspired by Matthew 16:19, which states, “Upon this rock, I will build my church.”

We enjoyed walking around and taking in the beautiful scenery and we felt peace and a sense of reverence in the atmosphere. We were in a Holy Place, safe & sound.

I don't think that it was a coincedence that after our journey in the wildersness, we would end up in this sanctuary.

But as I think back on that dirt road, if I can be honest, I definitely feel like that is how my life has been here recently. Filled with unexpected delays, potholes, and plot twists.

And sometimes staying on that narrow road has been challenging. But I cling to what Matthew 7:14 says,

"Narrow is the path that leads to life." Matthew 7:14.

God is inviting us to go off-road with Him?

What if I told you that God is inviting us to go off-road with Him?

Today during my quiet time with the Lord, I heard him say,

"Tell my daughters they too are about to go off-road. This is the road less traveled, but I will be there with them every step of the way.

When they feel uncertain, I am there!

When they don't know what direction to take, I am there!

When I ask them to trust me with what's on the other side of that boulder, I am there!

When they feel alone, Yes sweet girl, I too am there!"

What does that look like for you?

Is it radical forgiveness to a friend or family member who has wounded you?

Is it just being a friend to someone that might not think or believe as you do?

Perhaps the Lord has given you a new business idea that may sound too big to accomplish?

Maybe it's a financial narrow road and He is asking you to trust Him with your giving, but it makes you nervous because you can't see just like me, what is coming on the other side of that huge boulder.

Or maybe, it's starting a new ministry and doing things a little different than what's expected from "church culture"?

I know of a woman that goes to porn conventions, witch events, and new age expos and interprets dreams directed by the Holy Spirit, who gives her and her team wisdom and revelation. And because she has chosen to trust God and go "off-road" so to speak, people's lives are being touched by the power of God and are being transformed!

Friends whatever it is that the Lord is speaking to you right now, He wants you to trust Him when you don't see the signs ahead, giving you directions.

You might even feel like you're lost in the moment and alone but you are never alone.

"God, who got you started in this spiritual adventure, shares with us the life of his Son and our Master Jesus. He will NEVER give up on you, Never forget that."

1Cor. 1:9

You are about to be on a spiritual adventure! You are going to be filled and refreshed.

And on a side note, I felt led to look up the meaning of the name of that park entrance which was Wild Basin, and as you might already guess basin means a cup.

God wants to fill our "wild cups" with His presence as we trust Him on this journey.

Will you travel with Him?

I encourage you to say yes to the adventure. I have a feeling that He is wanting to fill your cup as you spend time with Him face to face. So pack light my friend. He has everything you need for the trip.

It's gonna be amazing!!


I'm Esmy

Friend, Wife, Mother,

Founder of FLRSH

PS - Feel free to leave a comment

in our comment section.

I look forward to connecting with you!

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1 Comment

Wow!! Yes, Yes, I feel like that is where the lord has me in this season. Going off road👏🏼 Let’s do this God!!

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