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Graves Into Gardens

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

The Lord says it is time.

Time for graves to turn into Gardens.

It's been long enough now.

It is time.

It is time for what the enemy tried to kill, for what he left as dead to come back to life, it is time to rise and shine now.

It is time for the graves to turn into gardens.

It is time for the dead things to come to life now.

Far too long has death kept you at bay.

It is time to rise and shine back to life.

It is time for the ashes to become beauty,

For from those ashes you will become beautiful.

It is time for my garden within you to flourish

It is time to let your pedals reach for the sun.

For you to blossom and bloom.

It is time to shine

It is time to let those pedals twirl and dance with joy again.

Death has been overcome, shout, dance, sing.

The ashes have become beauty,

Beauty has become a garden.

Graves are under the ashes,

Ashes under the beauty

And beauty is a garden.

A garden full of color,

Full of joy

Full of dancing

Full of laughter

Full of life.

Flourish my garden flourish.


I'm Maritza

Friend, Author &

FLRSH blogger.

PS - Feel free to leave a comment

in our comment section.

I look forward to connecting with you!

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3 comentarios

This is so awesome and beautiful!!! Keep em’ coming!!!

Me gusta

Beautifully said! I receive it.

Me gusta

What a beautiful word and much confirmation on what the Lord has been speaking to me!

Me gusta
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