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Even If He Doesn't

Even If He doesn't heal your...marriage, child, parent, friend. Even if He does't provide....the funds when you think you need it, the job you are holding out for. How do we give praise to the Father and at the same time, trust Him - when life gets hard?

Even If | A Study of Habakkuk is an in-depth, three-week study that goes verse by verse through the book of Habakkuk. How do we give praise to the Father and at the same time, trust Him, even when life turns sideways? What does it mean to trust God when life does not go as planned?

This study on the book of Habakkuk seeks to answer these questions. FLRSH. will be offering Bible Study Groups in the coming weeks, (so be watching for details).

This particular study resonates so deeply at this time. This morning, my brother-in-law who just contracted Covid-19 before Christmas passed away this morning. I have watched my husband battle with the fact that he cannot see him or be there with him or touch him one last time. I sat and listened as he and his daughter said their goodbye's to him over the phone two states away. We have had hundreds of friends and prayer groups covering him in prayer, believing he would be healed on this side of heaven, only to have him healed on the other side. But he leaves a wife and 4 boys behind. How is THAT fair?

This last week we saw the siege on Capitol Hill and the onslaught of verbal attacks on social media. Just as 2021 was getting started. We saw a dear friend lose his job amidst stage 4 colon cancer and a few other friends lose their jobs from the same place due to budgetary constraints.

I have experienced hardships and heavy spiritual resistance just attempting to re-launch this website, wondering, "is this even worth it?". Will it really even matter, to ANYONE? These are just a handful of the many things "too hard to understand" in the moment.

Well, in this study of Habakkuk, we will learn how to pray when we don't know what to pray, and how to trust when things just don't make sense. We will learn how to rest in God when the anxieties of life threaten our happiness and steal our joy. We will learn that God is good and faithful, "even if".

So you know - this study is perfect whether it's just for you, or if you are joining one of our groups. It contains the daily study material as well as study suggestions and extra features, like word studies and charts, to help you dig deeper.

Each week contains five days of study material, including daily study questions, and also has a memory verse day and a weekly reflection day to help dig deeper into Scripture.

Having said that - what are you waiting for? The last year has been like no other, with more "even if" moments than we can count. So keep watch for the series study in our events section. Or if you simply need to reach out and connect about your "even if" scenario, you can reach us via email at

– Your friends at FLRSH

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