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The SHE Series

For those of you women who aspire to flourish in your life, work, and calling, we'd like to introduce you to The SHE Series as part of our FLRSH 5 Collection launching this weekend!

Starting today and running thru Friday, at 5:55 PM daily - we will be posting social shareables with brief yet inspiring thoughts, scriptures, and prayers that point us all toward a life that flourishes, drawing from the 5 daily themes of The SHE Series: She Says YES to Life, She KNOWS Who She Is, She LOVES Fiercely, She WARS thru Peace, and She is FREE to Flourish.

At FLRSH (which is the new shorthand for flourish by the way), we believe you have a divine mandate to flourish in your life, work, and calling. To become the SHE you are destined to be. This series and collection is dedicated to you who, while not perfect, (who is?), truly aspire to flourish.

So, watch for our Daily Posts at 5:55 PM as we count down 5 Days to the launch of our exclusive Fall Collection, The SHE Series: Because She IS You.

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