SHE...KNOWS Who She is.

This post could have easily been titled A Tale of Two Women. For those of you just joining us today, welcome. For those returning - welcome back! 😊

I am sure you have all experienced a woman like this - almost unconsciously, they spill out their words, their posture, their energy, their very essence - in an unhealthy grab for validation. If you have a story to share, theirs has to be better. They tend to takeover the bulk of the conversation with you, and especially in a group. They own the energy in the room because they have drained it from most everyone. They can monologue for the better part of an hours' conversation...on almost one breath. They talk down others while they talk themselves up...all because, they don't know who they are. Or whose they are. A child, not just of their parents, but of their Creator. They are most definitely not comfortable...in their own skin.

In contrast, you may find yourself in proximity of another kind of woman - a SHE who knows who HE is, and that SHE is HIS. She can walk into a room, ease her way into conversation by taking a genuine interest in the woman or women in front of her. She is generous with her words toward others, and her time with others as well. She will commonly steer the dialogue away from herself until more directly asked for her story or opi